Meet Mistress Mariko

Born and raised in Japan, Mariko excelled in all her endeavors—both academic and professional. At 25, she came to America and earned a Master’s in International Economics.

Mariko did everything right to achieve success. She worked hard, got married, and had children. She was living the dream! The problem was that it wasn’t her own dream that she was living. Striving to follow all the rules to be successful while avoiding everything "taboo" came at a great cost. It left her with a deep internal sense of misalignment. She felt under-utilized, under-appreciated, and unseen. Her essence was slowly dying inside.

Divorce forced Mariko to begin reflecting on her own shadows. She began allowing herself to follow her desires and curiosities while befriending her darkness—pushing past the obstacles of fear and shame. She rediscovered her innate worthiness, something she hadn’t felt since childhood. She found that her shadow integration journey wasn’t only liberating, it was exhilarating. She was blown away by the huge power reserve hidden under her shadows, power that could not be retrieved by just working hard in the “light” areas.

Today, Mariko coaches individuals and couples along similar shadow integration paths. Kink- and poly-knowledgeable, and owner of multiple businesses for over a decade, she is no stranger to non-traditional careers or relationship structures. Lovingly and playfully, she guides clients in their exploration of those things they suppress, deny, or hide. Mariko is here to help you do what you truly love, thrive financially, and achieve your dreams.

Training and Qualifications

Mariko is a coach, businesswoman, thought leader, and lightworker. Training and qualifications include: