I want to thank you so much for your extremely powerful workshop. The content was amazing and very well organized! Practical, simple and highly effective!

This workshop could be very helpful for domestic abuse victims and survivors. I've attended many workshops, courses and therapy associated with this subject but none match empowering advise and practical techniques. Thank you again!

I hope you will facilitate more in the future.
Also I loved your win win win charity donation idea.



Texas, U.S.A.

The one session that you gave to us yesterday was so amazing! Work itself that you let us through really helped with some deep blocks that we did not know how to overcome. This is a miracle thing that you do. Also, you yourself as a person are a fantastic leader in pioneering couples to new and better places. I really appreciate your strength, your resilience, your clarity, and your gentleness. You are a magician!


Mistress Persephone Rose


Mistress Mariko is a phenomenal life coach and has been instrumental in helping me change my relationship with not only money, but with my own body and mind. I have talked to so many professionals about some of my very specific issues and in response I have gotten everything from blank stares to sheer looks of abject horror. As someone who was once the sort of patient that caused therapists to need therapy, I really appreciate how incredibly sympathetic Mistress Mariko is. She really takes the time to LISTEN to where I'm coming from without jumping to conclusions about what I'm trying to say. She has a gift of turning some of my most terrifying inner monologues into sources of boundless humor and creative inspiration. Thank You, Mistress Mariko, I will save a place for you in the new world order!!



Louisiana, U.S.A.

Prior to Mariko’s coaching I had a relationship that I was trying to keep alive, but causing me emotional pain and continual frustration. After receiving Mariko’s coaching, I became aware of three things.

First, I began to see that I allowed this relationship to compromise my boundaries and expectations. I never communicated these things, but expected that my partner would innately want to understand them. But after continually seeing this not happen due to a series of similar events, Mariko had me to see that it was my responsibility to verbalize my expectations and communicate when boundaries are crossed.

Second, Mariko’s coaching emphasized the importance of writing your boundaries and expectations down. I had always had ideas of what I wanted in a relationship, but it was not until I wrote these things down did I begin to see that the relationship I was in did not align with my true desires and values.

Finally, after becoming aware of how my relationship was not in alignment, not only was I able to bring closure to it, but I was able to identify exactly the type of relationships I am looking for. Mariko asked questions that really got to the core of the things that I want and now I am taking steps towards the right direction.

Overall, I was really pleased with Mariko’s approach to my sensitive situation. She never imposed her views, but always asked if she could give perspective on how I can view myself, that individual, and the situation itself neutrally. I highly recommend Mariko’s dating coaching program to anyone who may be experiencing communication problems with one’s partner.


Anna W.

The U.K.

Mariko was truly a joy to work with, and a remarkable coach to meet. Having never before sought to work with a coach, Mariko's calm, direct, and encouraging approach was a perfect fit for me.
With her innate ability to distill all she heard from me, and offer incredibly perceptive insights while keeping our sessions gentle and fun, I feel we made remarkable progress in our sessions together. The improved sense of clarity and confidence I experienced so rapidly after working through our sessions and the exercises devised by Mariko was both exciting and empowering; a remarkable feeling to achieve in such a brief period of time.
I will not hesitate to keep in touch with Mariko as I feel her input, skills, and the coaching space she creates will be endlessly valuable in my ongoing journey as a freelance consultant and working mother.


Mira H.


Dearest Mariko,
I want to write you this E-Mail out of gratitude for our sessions and the talks we had on the topic of sexuality and business. I am deeply grateful for the time, commitment and love you dedicated to my growth, development and empowerment.
I felt so seen, heard and acknowledged by you. Since I studied Sustainable Business I have often felt like a weird person in conventional business contexts. There are parts of me that reject the usual way of doing business, a way of business that burns people out, destroys nature and lets no room for intuition, flow or unconventionalities. You helped me understand those parts and to welcome them with a lot of humor and love. There is as well this deep desire in me to make business differently, especially when it comes to building my own juicy business. Your coaching is full of curiosity, acknowledgement, love and powerful advice. It felt so good to be heard by you and your reflections were medicine for my empowerment. You are a badass business woman and as such your advice was priceless to me. After our sessions I felt encouraged to stay true to my unique way of doing business, to who I am and I started to feel like a Goddess instead of a Weirdo. You made me believe in my unique gift for the world: A way of doing business that is in alignment with nature, my own personal truth and power and the collective Feminine. I’m feeling confident now to rise my prices.
I see my own worth and the worth of my work and I believe in the change I can do in the world. The way you interconnect the power of sex with building a successful business is magical. I loved the depth of your sessions, the joy and laughter and the tears we cried together.
Thank you Mariko for your beautiful coaching!


Fred B.

Colorado, U.S.A

I met Mariko via social media when I was going through the most difficult personal time in my life feeling disempowered and lost in my relationship. She did an awesome job coaching me through my relationship issues and showed me how to reveal my own self worth when I needed it most. She had the knowledge and ideas I needed to grow, learn and make changes that were due to be made by me at this time of my life. Right out of the gate our conversations showed she cares and wants to share her knowledge. After some time zeroing in on what I needed we came up with a great plan together. We focused on self love and self worth. It just worked, the assignments and suggestions made by her made everything fall into place and perspective. Mariko showed me the way to empower myself and make achievable goals in a way that I could relate to. Many changes are still ahead in my life but I now know i have the tools and power to make the changes I need to make to be happy. I am so grateful to know Mariko and I know she will be there for me.